Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had a great weekend and got to spend time with old friends, new friends and family!  It doesn't get much better than that!

Oatmeal: messy and yummy!

Saturday I went out for breakfast with some old friends while Big G and Little G hung out.  They went for breakfast at Waffle House.  The staff there know them and Little G is treated like a prince AND gets to eat waffles so, of course, he really likes it.  Later that morning the guys met Little G's cousin and her mom who also happens to be Big G's sister at the park and they played and played.  Little G came home with a scraped chin, but seemed pretty much unbothered by it.  He's definitely a rough and tumble boy.

Spiffed Up for Church

Following afternoon nap, the guys rode the bike to our park and then went to a dads night with the kids from our neighborhood while the ladies had a mom's night out. We went to eat and then saw The Help.  I saw it last weekend with Big G and it was great both times!

Obviously thrilled to have his picture made with Mommy. :)

Sunday was more low key, but we did go to sunday school and church and then in the afternoon I went back to church for our Women's Ministry Fall Kickoff.  Little G and his cousin P were both in childcare and when we picked them up the workers told us they played together the whole time chasing each other around and yelling their version of their names to each other.  So sweet! 

We had a very loud thunderstorm shortly after bedtime and Little G was upset so I got some bonus cuddle time with my little guy.  What a sweetie!

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