Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Ok, well maybe it isn't the most wonderful time, but it's definitely one of my favorites!  You see, I'm a consignment sale junkie and late each summer and winter there are tons of seasonal children's consignment sales.  I love scouring the tables and racks to find super cute high end dress clothes for Little G for a fraction of the new retail price.  They are often in brand new condition since they are only worn a few times for special events.  When G was younger I also found lots of baby gear for a fraction of the price.  Since most of that type of thing is used for a very brief time it is usually in good condition too. 

I've been to a few lot of sales this season and while I haven't necessarily purchased a lot at each sale, it has been worthwhile. 

Here are some pics of my favorites so far:

Our back yard "play ground"

Also, including a refashion of sorts.  The monogram on this little shirt was almost correct, but since accuracy counts when it comes to monograms I got out my needle and thread and voila!



The Ensemble!

This one is going to be cute with some white knee socks and black shoes:

On that note, why is it so tough to find cute black dress shoes for little boys?  They all look like clunky old man shoes! 

I actually purchased fabric a little while ago to make a longall in almost this exact color and pattern!  Now I can save that fabric for another project. 

I've also found some play clothes, but I try to focus on dress clothes since they often have less wear and more of a discount over the new retail price. 

And lest you think I've deprived my child of toys (you were really worried, right?), one or two of those have made their way home too!  I've even started Christmas shopping for him. 

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