Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little G at 18 Months

Since one of the main reasons I started the blog is to document Little G's life and share his updates with family, this post is all about him! 

He is 18 months and just had his well baby check up.  He is 34 1/2 inches long (97th percentile); 27 lb (75th percentile); 20" head circumference (97th percentile).  He's a big guy just like his daddy.  Except his large head is from me. 

Gabriel wears a size 18 or 24 months in most things and a size 6 shoe.  He wears a 2T hat! 

We can understand more and more of what G says.  He stills says lots of things that only he understands too.  Some of his favorite words are cracker, ball, car, woof (puppy), no, hi, bye bye.  He is also starting to learn please and thank you and uses them with moderate success. 
He can climb into the chair on his own and likes to "read" books there.

Coloring is a favorite activity.  So is trying to eat the crayons.
Trying out his Halloween costume.  He'll be a lion and already loves to ROAR!!
Cutting Up with Daddy.

Little G is a very loving and affectionate little guy.  He loves to give hugs and is learning to give kisses.  He shares his hugs with just about anyone who slows down long enough.  He is so sweet at bedtime when he snuggles into my neck and hugs and plays with me.  It is our favorite time of the day.  His daddy and I have to take turns every other night so we can share it.  He is also such a HAM.  He definitely gets that from his dad and already performs to try to get attention and laughs. 

We've recently made the switch to one nap a day (from two).  It has been a ROUGH week, but hopefully we'll settle into the new routine soon.  It will make it easier on Sundays since we are gone to Sunday School and Church all morning until lunch.  Also, it will be easier for him to go to his Mother's Morning Out he starts next month.  He'll be at preschool at a local church from 9:30 - 1:00 two days per week.  Such a big boy.  We can't believe how quickly the time has passed!

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