Thursday, August 18, 2011

Training Pants

So, Little G has been using the toilet for months, but not 100% of the time.  He goes through periods where he consistently never has a dirty diaper because he reliably uses the toilet.  He also has weeks that he doesn't.  We don't stress about it since he's so young, but we are glad he got comfortable with the toilet before he even turned one so it isn't a big concept we are just introducing.  Sitting on the toilet is just part of daily life for him.

I started looking around for training pants for him to wear in the (hopefully) near future and was a little surprised to find that traditional training pants aren't as common as they used to.  I suppose it's due to the popularity of pull-ups disposable training pants, but I'd prefer some that give him the feeling of being wet when he's wet so he'll learn what that means. 

This is my very roundabout way of saying that I decided to try to make some water resistant pull up/down OR snap on/off training pants.  There are tons of patterns available and I decided to start with a free pattern to test the waters.  Here is the one I used.  I took Little G's measurements and decided on the M/L sized pants.  They are similar to a cloth diaper, but have a lot less padding.  They are polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL) on the outside, microfiber in the middle and flannel on the inside and bound with foldover elastic (FOE).  The lady at JoAnn was very curious about what in the world I was making when I bought these supplies!  I could tell she thought I was crazy. Ha!

Here is the final product:

Cute, huh?  The only problem is that I inserted the sockets for the snaps backwards and it would have to be worn inside out.  Oh, and they are enormous on him.  These won't work at all, of course, so this pair is a bust.

I won't be bested by a pair of training pants so I'm going to try again!  I'll keep you posted.

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